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El Instituto

Body belonging to the Spanish Public Administration, which is constituted as a forum committed to the receipt and dissemination of information on Ceramics applied to the Habitat and, in particular, on ceramic products and systems used in building construction and urban furnishing.

Designed to become an international platform for sharing knowledge on the contribution of Ceramics to sustainable Architecture compatible with high-tech building processes.

Centro de Documentación

Specialising in Ceramics applied to Architecture, the Documentation Centre structures its contents in terms of subjects that range from product manufacturing technology to product installation. The Documentation Centre comprises a Library [> 3,000 volumes], periodicals library [> 60 active subscriptions since 1984], photo library [> 40,000 digitised images], catalogue library [> 200 old catalogues] and media library.

    guia de colocacion

    Documentary block and information forum devoted to modular rigid coverings and the technology for their installation. The Guide provides up-to-date information on materials, techniques, covering systems, and construction solutions with modular rigid finishes. Its contents, drawn up by IPC, are based on publications, company contributions, and the collaboration of experts. The Guide contains help questionnaires for the selection of materials and techniques, diagnostics of substrates, and debate forums on topical subjects of interest.

    Historia de la cerámica arquitectónica

    Based on a cataloguing of Spanish architectural ceramics conducted by IPC since 1992 and currently in a final stage, this documentary block ranges far beyond the History of Architectural Ceramics. It contains: Spectrums of leitmotifs, Industrial Ceramic Archaeology, construction techniques of the past, ceramic heritage restoration technology, and the Art and Science of Plane Partitions.

    This section is designed to become a debate forum on the use of ceramics in building construction and urban furnishing, in every time and place.

    Activation scheduled for 2012

    La cerámica a su alcance

    El Reglamento de productos para la construcción y el conjunto de normas sobre sostenibilidad en la edificación constituyen el marco de este bloque documental dedicado a las soluciones constructivas que incorporan cerámica o reciben como acabado recubrimientos cerámicos.

    La completa caracterización de esas soluciones representa una ayuda a la proyección y prescripción edificatorias en un contexto de mayor exigencia normativa y reglamentaria. La herramienta SOLCONCER aportará criterio de selección.

    Prevista su activación en 2014

    Mailing address:
    Diputación Provincial
    Avda. Vall d'Uixó, 25
    12004 Castellón

    Documentation centre
    Library of the Castellon Fine Arts Museum

    Avda. Hermanos Bou, 28 - 12003 Castellón

    Tue.-Fri.: 10.00 - 14.00
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