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The documentary wealth and experience acquired during the realisation of the Tile Installation Project (1995–2007) have enabled a corpus of wide-ranging information on the adhered installation technology of modular rigid coverings to be drawn together. This information, updated at the end of 2008, constitutes the introduction card of the Instituto de Promoción Cerámica (IPC) for Internet Users interested in the design, specification, and installation of these types of finishes.

In an initial stage, IPC is activating an extensive section on tile installation technology and a further section on defects and malfunctions in ceramic tilings. The former contains up-to-date information on materials and techniques, substrates on which coverings can be installed, and collateral subjects. This is presented in a tiered structure that allows consultation at different levels, from general information to technical documents in PDF format.

The User can access the contents through a dropdown menu or searches by words. There are also help questionnaires on the selection of materials and tile installation technique.

After this block has been ‘run in’, and its contents completed and streamlined, the forums indicated will be activated to facilitate communication and information exchange between Users, this being the true leitmotif of the IPC Web site, embodied in the slogan ‘let’s share knowledge’.

There is also a section on the latest news, featuring the latest publications in technical and promotional journals on coverings.

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