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About Concepts

  • TECHNOLOGY: As “Science of Techniques” circumscribed here to the materials, the equipment and the techniques available for the execution of the coverings.
  • INSTALLATION: As direct adhered installation of the modular rigid materials in their final destination, with an extension to mechanical fastening (reversible or irreversible) and the mixed one (mechanical anchorage and adhered installation)
  • COVERING: In its double meaning of epidermis of a constructive element and of finish of a surface
  • RIGID: As it is made from rigid materials; i.e. those requiring a great effort to modify their geometry, which leads in some cases to their breakage immediately after exceeding the elastic limit.
  • MODULAR: Result of the juxtaposition or assembly of tiles, as pieces of a specific geometry, based on the Science, also Art, of Plane Partitions.

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