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Activities and Services


  • Management of the Documentation Centre
    • Purchases of books and other non-periodical publications
    • Documentary selection for the periodicals library, including translations
    • Edition of documents for internal use or for third parties
    • Photographing and cataloguing the ceramic heritage of Architecture
  • Edition of reports, articles, dossiers, audio-visuals, and books
  • Routes, programs and training actions in areas devoted to technical marketing and the adhered installation technology of modular rigid coverings
  • Organisation of information events and participation in conferences, in the thematic areas detailed in the foregoing point
  • Sponsorship and collaboration in events in the ceramic field, organised by other institutions
  • Collaborations with business associations [ANDIMAC, ANFAPA, ASCER] and institutions [ATC, Alicer/ITC, Proalso, UJI, etc.]


  • Issue of reports and consultancy on modular rigid covering designs
  • Issue of reports on non-quality diagnostics in modular rigid coverings (defects and malfunctions)
  • Selective literature searches, by monographic subject, including all available literature, from 1973 on
  • Selective literature searches by monographic subject, on the literature and periodicals library available at the IPC Documentation Centre (from 1984 on)
  • Edition on order of complete documentary data sheets of the Library, Periodicals Library, and Periodicals Library Index
  • Edition on order of complete documentary data sheets of the Photo Library and Catalogue Library

New Services (in planning stage)

  • Database consultations made by the Documentation Centre, as well as consultations on the own standards database
  • Technical Office for consultancy on the design and installation of multifunctional modular rigid coverings

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