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Documentation Centre

This thematic block contains the subject-matter dealt with by the IPC Documentation Centre since 1984, grouped in the sections: library, periodicals library, photo library, and catalogue library. Databases have also been handled since 2000 on audiovisuals and the local press, which represent an extension of the documentary collections and will constitute the future sections: media library and press.

All sections are governed by a structure designed for Architectural Ceramics, which includes the thematic areas of ceramic technology, from raw materials to the end product, industrial design, industrial archaeology and history, adhered ceramic tile installation technology, as well as specific areas on management, and marketing and sales.

This unitary structure on ceramic tile manufacturing, and marketing and sales is complemented with two broad sections devoted, respectively, to Architecture/Building construction and Non-industrially Processed Ceramics.


The Web site User can access a broad spectrum of information, in the form of files, on all books in the IPC library. The cover (image) of each book is displayed, in addition to the fields: Title, Author(s), tables of contents, abstract, ISBN, edition, publisher and, often, the bibliography. Searches can be performed through thematic codes or words.

The library section also includes a section on the latest news, featuring books that have recently been acquired, with images and a commentary prepared by IPC.

Periodicals library

This allows the User to access an extensive set of periodicals [58 subscriptions were running on 1 May 2009] on the technology of ceramics used in building construction, History of Ceramics, Ceramics and Architecture and Interior Design, and the promotion of ceramic tilings.

The User can access the tables of contents of the journals, with a section that features other items not included in the table of contents, drawn up by IPC, based on a thorough ‘combing’ of issues (from a selection of the 58 journals to which IPC is subscribed). A full summary is provided of the contents of the German journal Fliesen und Platten.

The periodicals library also provides Users with a further option: the consultation of work published on a particular subject, regarding which information is furnished on location and contents [original abstract and/or summary prepared by IPC and, in certain cases, table of contents and bibliography of the published work]. This option, called articles, is only available on other Web sites by paid subscription, there being no other Internet site that offers this free service in the thematic area involved.

The information search and selection take place through thematic codes or words.

Photo library

This constitutes a new Internet window on the ceramic heritage of Architecture, across the different cultures and civilisations of Mankind, and the passage of time. In an initial stage, the photo library will catalogue Valencian architectural ceramics, it being planned, in a second stage, to incorporate a broad review of architectural ceramics from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Later on, it is also planned to include IPC’s documented photograph collections.

The User can view representative images of each ceramic application, together with a documentary file containing the title, description, and thematic-chronological-geographic codes.

Catalogue library

This contains trade catalogues before 1960, acquired and digitised by IPC, on hydraulic and ceramic tiles. The User can view representative images of each catalogue, together with a documentary file containing the most noteworthy catalogue details.

This database will later be extended to trade catalogues issued after 1960.

Media library

This Documentation Centre section contains all the IPC collections in computer format, ranging from audiovisuals that accompany printed editions to corporate promotional products. It is structured according to a thematic index, similar to that of the library and the periodicals library.

The User can access an updated list of documents.

Press releases

This section contains information, latest news, and public calls on ceramic activities and the other thematic areas that the Documentation Centre addresses. Brief references are involved, prepared by IPC, using information drawn from the periodicals library and mass media.

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